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Your dental implant Vancouver provider knows that only a fortunate few of us make it through our entire lives without suffering a lost tooth or one that is damaged or decayed beyond repair. When a tooth is lost or removed and not replaced, the rest of the teeth can shift and eventually lead to a variety of complications that will almost certainly result in severe discomfort and / or structural problems within your mouth.

At Olympic Village Dental, Dr. Ezzati and our team offer our patients dental implants in Vancouver. They are very much on top of the current trends in dentistry and implants are increasingly popular these days with people who’ve lost a tooth for whatever reason. Current manufacturing and application technologies allow today’s implants to be more permanent and more similar in appearance to a biological tooth than ever before.

Using a biologic process (osseointegration) that allows the dental implant to be soundly attached to the bone, he and his team are able to then affix a dental prosthetic that will assume the appearance and functional role of your missing tooth from that point forward.

Tooth decay and degeneration can lead to the need for dental implants for any tooth in the mouth, but there can be other causes. Severe trauma injuries can result in catastrophic damage to the front teeth of either the upper or lower rows, and in addition to being particularly painful injuries they can also be extremely upsetting. If you’ve suffered this type of injury to your teeth, you will likely be extremely anxious to have the damage repaired in full as quickly as possible. Your dental implant Vancouver provider here at Olympic Village Dental can help.

Dr. Ezzati’s office in Olympic Village is equipped for CEREC dentistry, which allows for one-stop dental surgery, including the removal of broken teeth and fitting patients with dental implants, without the need for the patient to visit a separate lab or other specialists. If you’re in urgent need of restorative dental surgery or implants in Vancouver, you will be in great hands with Dr. Ezzati and you can also count on being treated in the most expedient manner possible.

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